JavaScript Frameworks

Hey…! It’s my first article here, being a front-end developer I would like to share some of the javaScript frameworks that every beginner should know.✨

Javascript is one of the first things we learn while learning web development. It helps us provide dynamic behaviour to the website and perform certain server-related functions onto the client machine.

As a programmer you don’t need to start from scratch when you have tools designed i.e, frameworks to help you with your projects

So, What the frameworks are?🤔

Frameworks are software that is developed and used by developers to build applications.

Why frameworks?

· Code becomes more secure

· Duplicate and redundant code can be avoided

· Helps consistent developing code with fewer bugs

· Several code segments and functionalities are pre-built and pre-tested. This makes application more reliable.

· Time required to develop an application is reduced significantly

Let’s have a look on most popular frameworks:-


It is created by Facebook,the React framework has earned popularity within a short period. It is used to develop and operate the dynamic User Interface of the web pages with high incoming traffic. It makes the use of a virtual DOM, and hence, the integration of the same with any application is more easier.


One of the most powerful, efficient, and open-source JavaScript frameworks is Angular. Google operates this framework and is implemented to use for developing a Single Page Application (SPA).

3.Vue js

It was developed in the year 2016, this JavaScript framework has already made its way into the market and has proven its worth by offering various features. Its dual integration mode is one of the most attractive features for the creation of high-end SPA.


Introduction of Ember.js to the software market was in 2015, and since then, it has gained popularity with its wide application area. The features of Ember.js support two-way data binding and hence, establish a reliable platform for handling the complicated User Interfaces. Popular websites like LinkedIn, Netflix and many more use the Ember.JS platform for their websites.


Node.js is a server-side JavaScript run-time environment, which works on cross platforms and is open-source. The framework is capable of driving asynchronous I/O with its event-driven architecture. It works in the JavaScript Runtime environment and hence shows similar properties of JAVA like threading, packages, forming of loops.

Thank you…! Hope you find it useful …😊