Are you looking for something interesting to make your home a ‘Smart’ one. Or Maybe you have heard about home automation many time but have you tried to implement it ...No? So this article will help you out.😃

So… What is Home Automation?🤔

Home automation involves connecting and automating the various systems ,smart devices, appliances and activity in your home .It involves the automatic controlling of different routine activities of the house using certain sets of hardware and software .

So, Let’s implement it….

In this we are going to use

Being a JavaScript developer, you are always going to use console.log() to debug your code .

Even if you are working on large projects too you are definitely using it and offcourse there is no problem in doing so, but when you forget to remove them before pushing it for Code review, believe me you will be having definitely a bad review.

Finding a console.log() in production ready code is a sin and if you are using and forget to remove it , its like littering all over the code-base.

There is no need to put much efforts to remove…

Hello all..!😊You may have heard about Higher-order Functions many times and felt it difficult .This article will help you to understand what they actually are… and how to use them.✨

Firstly let’s brush up our basic concepts of Functions.🤔Functions are the fundamental building blocks or a set of statement that performs a task or calculate a value.To use function you must have to define it somewhere within a scope and then you call it.

Also you might be familier with the basic aspects like:-

JavaScript Frameworks

Hey…! It’s my first article here, being a front-end developer I would like to share some of the javaScript frameworks that every beginner should know.✨

Javascript is one of the first things we learn while learning web development. It helps us provide dynamic behaviour to the website and perform certain server-related functions onto the client machine.

As a programmer you don’t need to start from scratch when you have tools designed i.e, frameworks to help you with your projects

So, What the frameworks are?🤔

Frameworks are software that is developed and used by developers to build applications.

Why frameworks?


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